A course designed to change the way you think, about the way you think so that you can live a rich, full and meaningful life – with less ‘oh no’ moments!

If you have ever wondered why you self-sabotage, why you make the same mistakes again and again, or why you find yourself occasionally feeling a little naïve, this course will not only help you understand these experiences, but it will help you reduce their frequency and intensity.

The insights, strategies, and frameworks in this course have been developed over a psychology career which spans over 30 years. Lindsay presents the course in easy to understand, everyday language. He is not afraid to laugh at himself as he explores how easy is it to do dumb things.

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About the course:

CHANGE the WAY YOU THINK, about the way you thnk!

This course includes 5 self-paced modules, each building on the last, which lead to liberate you from the fundamental belief that traps most humans in a cycle of unhelpful behaviours and beliefs.

Developed and presented by Lindsay Spencer-Matthews, a Psychologist since 1996. Lindsay draws upon his long career in psychology, and his many life experiences, to provide you with insights and understandings that can help you transform your life.

Lindsay uses anecdotes, stories, and examples to explore the reasons why all of us, hopefully occasionally, do dumb things. Most people have experiences anxiety, anger, depression, resentment, and regret. Most of us realise that those emotions almost never make the situation better. Lindsay will explain what it is that drives these understandable, but unhelpful, emotional reactions. Lindsay will touch on the reason why habits can be so hard to break, why our personalities can sometimes get in the way of our good intentions, and why some people think that they know everything!

Each Module of the course is approximately 20 minutes long. That makes this course easy to consume in small bites. Lindsay does not waste time “telling you what he is going to tell you, then telling you, then telling you what he just told you, then telling you what he is going to tell you next”. Without these timewasters, this course provides lots of “bang for your buck”. If you find that you really need to review a previous point, you can either replay the relevant Module, or refer to the free PDF of the book, Why Clever People Do Dumb Things, which is included free with the course

The concepts in this course are simple to understand, and relevant to every person.

Lindsay encourages you to reflect on each module, practice the aspects of each module, and master each module, before moving to the next. Whilst the course is easy to understand, it does ask you to develop new understanding and habits. These take work outside the course. Lindsay maintains that constant improvement is key to living the richest, fullest, and most meaningful life possible. If you undertake this course, you will have the opportunity to take its lessons forward into your life and benefit from them for the rest of your life.

Priced at less than a standard 50 minute consult, the five modules add up to just under two hours of intense exposure to a therapeutic model which would typically require at least four or five hours to explore. If you are already in therapy, this information is unlikely to contradict anything you are currently doing and will almost certainly enhance that process.

To sign up for Why Clever People Do Dumb Things, and make an investment in your future wellbeing.

*please note: this course is general in nature and is not designed to replace personalised health advice. Please see your own health professional for specific help related to your needs.